Meet Bonners Ferry DYW contestants 8-10

This year, 14 of Bonners Ferry’s most outstanding junior girls will be given an opportunity to win scholarship money in the annual Bonners Ferry Distinguished Young Women Scholarship Program (formerly Junior Miss). Set for April 27 at the Becker Auditorium at Bonners Ferry High School, the theme of this year’s program is “All American.” And we are pleased to introduce you to contestants eight through ten:

Bonners Ferry Distinguished Young Women
#8 – Ivy Rice, #9 – Rylie Kimball, #10 – Morgan Tye … Photos by Pickle Leaf Photography

Ivy Rice– Participant #8

Chapter AP PEO is happy to sponsor Ivy Rice. Ivy is the daughter of Bill and Paula Rice. She has four brothers: Shane, Seth, Wade, and Charlie, and four sisters, Ava, Genoah, Laken, and Eden. After graduation, Ivy plans to attend University of Idaho or Idaho State College to become an entrepreneur. She participates in volleyball and enjoys hiking and cooking in her spare time.

A modern personality that interests Ivy is Candace Owens, while historical figures that interest her are George Washington and St. Rose Philippine Duchesne. Ivy will be performing a self authored speech for the talent portion of the program.

When asked what makes Ivy least proud of her generation, she states, “I am least proud of our lack of manners and personal responsibility.”

Rylie Kimball – Participant #9

Bonners Ferry Eagles Aeries #3522 is proud to sponsor Riley Kimball. Riley is the daughter of Chad Kimball and Laura Neumeyer and has one brother: Peyton, and one sister: Sydni. Riley aspires to attend college but is unsure what career she plans to pursue. One historical figure that interests Riley is Ludwig Von Beethoven. She is also intrigued by modern personality Caitlin Clark.

A few of the extracurricular endeavors that keep Riley active include basketball, volleyball, singing and playing piano. For her talent, Riley will be entertaining the crowd by playing piano and singing.

When asked what makes Riley most proud of her generation, she states, “Despite ones views or opinions, most people in my generation can accept that we are all entitled to our own opinions as we are all human. To my generation, inclusivity regardless of who you are or what you look like is a top priority.”

Morgan Tye – Participant #10

Moyie Shrine Club is happy to sponsor Morgan Tye. Morgan is the daughter of Aaron and Amy Tye. She has one sister: Wren. Morgan plans to attend North Idaho College after high school. She is active in 4-H and enjoys skiing, drawing, and watercolor painting.

Morgan is intrigued by modern personality, Judge Jessica Morello and historical personality, Marilyn Monroe. For her talent, Morgan will be creating a work of art on stage.

When asked what makes her most proud of her generation, she states, “I am most proud of my generation’s ambitious nature. In my personal friend group, I have observed that we are all very driven and have a plan for our future.”