Public meeting set on fate of Senior Hospitality Center

Senior Hospitality CenterAfter an apparent shakeup in board and staff since last week, the Bonners Ferry Senior Hospitality Center has been closed and attempts to reach someone in authority to provide answers and help quell the rumors have been to no avail. Late Monday, the following was posted to their Facebook page:

“Thank you for all your heartfelt prayers and continued support for the Seniors Hospitality Center.

“In the spirit of transparency, all Boundary County Residents are invited to join us at 6 p.m. Tuesday, April 9, at the Seniors Hospitality Center, 6635 Lincoln Street, Bonners Ferry, for a one-time community Q&A as to the future of the Seniors Hospitality Center.

“In the meantime, please direct all questions, comments, and concerns to the Seniors Hospitality Centers Interim CEO via email at:

Interim CEO and Staff
Seniors Hospitality Center”

Unfortunately, the email, both as posted and with spelling corrected, does not appear to be working. I am still attempting to make contact, and I welcome a call to (208) 217-1316 or (208) 295-1016 from anyone in authority at your earliest convenience. — Mike Weland