Wants a sheriff invested in the community

I keep saying that I have zero interest in politics, but I guess that’s not totally true. With this position open for sheriff in my community, I’ve been paying a little more attention to what that could mean for life around here.

One of the candidates stopped by the gallery last week. I asked what investment he has in Boundary County, and his only answer was “I live here.” From what I understand, he doesn’t work here, doesn’t send his kids to school in the district, and gave me nothing for an answer when I asked him what connects him with this community. I asked my question a few different ways, but really got nothing.

I had about 10 minutes with him and I was genuinely curious, interested in what he’s bringing to the table. I’m not born and raised here either–I’ve only been here 20 years. I have no generational family farm, no county roads named after my grandpa…I moved here as a young adult and have raised all my kids here, but I don’t pretend to be a native. But I am absolutely invested in the future of my community, knowing that most likely this is where I’ll be for the rest of my life. Even though two of my kids have graduated, two still have a few years left. But that doesn’t mean in five years I’ll lose interest in the schools here. It is vital to me that when my kids start having kids, there is a thriving public school system and thriving community to raise their kids in.

I want a sheriff with deep roots in this community. I want a sheriff with deep personal investment here–not just having a house in the county, but with kids in the schools, interest local businesses, and connection with friends and family who have known him for years. I want a sheriff who I’ve already witnessed giving to his community, well before the campaigning started.

I absolutely would give an outsider a chance, if they could answer those questions to my satisfaction.

However, the only candidate who checks those important boxes for me is Travis Stolley.

Some of my favorite veterans are hosting a meet-and-greet April 18 for Stolley. You don’t have to be a veteran to attend. If you’ve lived here very long, you’ve already met Travis Stolley. So just come down to Mugsy’s, have a beer with us, and help us show support to the guy we want to see as our sheriff.

Hannah Sucsy
Bonners Ferry