And now, the full slate: DYW contestants 11 – 14

This year, 14 of Bonners Ferry’s most outstanding junior girls will be given an opportunity to win scholarship money in the annual Bonners Ferry Distinguished Young Women Scholarship Program (formerly Junior Miss). Set for April 27 at the Becker Auditorium at Bonners Ferry High School, the theme of this year’s program is “All American.” And we are pleased to introduce you to the last of an exceptional group, contestants 11 through 14.

2024 Distinguished Young Woman
Renea Barnes – Participant #11, Sydney Beckle – Participant #12, Kimberly Lucas – Participant #13 and Alexandra Fodge – Participant #14

Renea Barnes – Participant #11

Renea is sponsored by Masonic Organizations. She is the daughter of Trevor and Laurie Barnes. She four brothers: Owen, Wyatt, Levi, and Jared, and one sister: Jaina. Renea plans to attend Brigham Young University—Idaho to become a Music Composer.

Renea finds modern personality Lisa Carroll and historical personality Anne Frank interesting. In her spare time, she enjoys playing in the school band, skiing, hiking, backpacking, and doing puzzles. For her talent, Renea will be playing the clarinet.

When asked what makes her least proud of her generation, Renea says, “I am least proud of my generation for lacking hard work and discipline. It is so easy to be lazy.”

Sydney Beckle – Participant #12

Sydney Beckle, sponsored by Bonners Ferry Chamber of Commerce, is the daughter of Brian and Patricia Beckle. She has three brothers: Karl, Brandon, and Ryan. Sydney plans to attend Northwestern University to become a plastic surgeon. Sydney participates in 4-H, track, cross country, and National Honor Society. She enjoys writing in her spare time.

A modern personality that interests Sydney is Elon Musk, and a historical figure that interests her is Thomas Jefferson. For her talent, Sydney will be performing a speech.

When asked what makes Sydney most proud of her generation she states, “I have seen throughout my life that my generation has a willingness to help people. Social media has expanded and grown a great deal and I believe that the growth of social media has allowed for new opportunities for my generation to extend a hand to people in need.”

Kimberly Lucas – Participant #13

Kimberly Lucas, the daughter of Scott and Angela Lucas, is sponsored by Beta Sigma Phi. She has three sisters: Ashley, Emma and Addison, and two brothers: Brandon and Tyler. Kimberly plans to attend Lewis and Clark State College to become a Labor and Delivery Nurse.

Kimberly enjoys hiking, swimming, and kayaking. She participates in volleyball and youth group. Kimberly is interested by modern personality Simone Biles and historical personality Martin Luther King Jr. For her talent, Kimberly will be singing and playing the piano.

When asked what makes her least proud of her generation, Kimberly states, “I am least proud of how we have become less independent. So many people struggle with doing things on their own and seem to need their parents helping all the time.”

Alexandra Fodge – Participant #14

Alexandra Fodge is sponsored by Bonners Ferry Rod Benders. She is the daughter of Josh Fodge. Alexandra plans to attend University of Idaho to study Echocardiology. Alexandra finds modern personality Simone Biles interesting.

In her spare time, Alexandra enjoys jet skiing, shopping and spending time with friends. For her talent, Alexandra will be performing a gymnastics routine for the talent portion of the program.

When asked what makes her most proud of her generation, Alexandra said “I am most proud of how equality has improved and how my generation believes that everyone deserves the same rights. Resources like technology are more widely available to all, improving equal opportunity.”