VanGesen the only candidate with command experience

After attending the debate, reviewing the websites and Facebook Pages of the three candidates for Boundary County Sheriff, it surprised me that only one candidate has any incident command level training and experience.

Having come from the fire department side of emergency services (retired after 33 years), I would think that incident command would be a basic qualification for the county’s highest law enforcement officer. There are several potential scenarios where a large-scale incident like a train derailment, civil unrest, or any other man-made or natural disaster, etc. could take place and it would require someone with the experience and qualifications to take charge.

We need a sheriff who has a comprehensive knowledge of emergency management coupled with the leadership skills to be effective in their role. They should have exceptional planning and assessment skills, honed through years of experience. The difference between success and failure often comes down to preparation, planning and having the ability to make critical decisions under pressure. Effective communication, action plan creation, delegation and coordination are key to being a successful incident commander.

There is only one candidate who has those qualities, skills, and most of all the experience ready to go on day one. That would be Candidate Jon VanGesen.

Ron Klein