The answer is Jon VanGesen

Boundary County is an amazing place that my wife and I are proud to call home. The decent people, the land and the freedom to live how we like under the Constitution are just a few of the many reasons we love it.

Having the right people in office to protect those things we love about Idaho is more important now than ever. Jon VanGesen not only has the experience of leading a sheriff’s office, but he also has the desire to protect our community and our way of life. He will protect your rights while holding those accountable who prey on our society. He has been doing this important work for over 30 years.

Take an objective look at all three candidates and ask yourself, who do you want leading our sheriff’s office for the next four years? If you want a sheriff with experience in leading deputies, managing budgets and programs, combating drugs and keeping the community safe with a servant’s heart, the answer is Jon VanGesen.

John Halsted
Retired Police Sergeant