Jesse Schmitz home, facing long road to healing

Jesse Schmitz and his Chevy MalibuAfter 17 days hospitalization at Kootenai Health in Coeur d’Alene following a two-vehicle head-on collision on Highway 95 near Elmira March 27, Jesse Schmitz, now a grandpa, is back home, his wife, Maria, a caregiver, glad to be home, but wasting no time getting back to work.

A classic car enthusiast, Jesse’s first stop home was to see for the first time what had become of his favorite, the beautiful maroon Chevy Malibu he’d been out for a drive in when the collision occurred.

And though he’s home, the next many weeks won’t be easy as his broken bones and many other injuries continue to heal. There’ll be a lot of sitting and doing little or nothing, something Maria said was quite possibly going to be his greatest challenge. Then doctor checkups every two weeks, the physical therapy to regain strength in his shattered leg one the bones heal sufficiently.

Jesse and Maria extend their heartfelt thanks to everyone who has donated, stopped by to visit and pitched in to help since the crash, they are humbled by the care and concern of friends and good neighbors they never realized they had. And while they won’t ask, a little continued neighborly kindness will go a long way to helping them to their feet once more.

There is spring yard work Jesse will yearn to do and Maria will get to when she can; deliveries from the store, meals that can be delivered to spare Marie of that chore for awhile, too.

Donations are still being accepted to their GoFundMe account, or they can be mailed to Jesse and Maria Schmitz, P.O. Box 766, Moyie Springs, ID 83845. Cards and letters are welcome, too. As are phone calls and texts to keep Jesse occupied and brighten his spirits, (208) 512-0413. To make arrangements or learn more, message Maria on Facebook.