Let’s keep Idaho IDAHO

By Jim Woodward
Candidate, Idaho Senate District 1

The MJim Woodwardy 21 primary election is six weeks away and a messaging mantra is surfacing from ultra-conservatives warning voters to Keep Idaho Conservative and to Keep Idaho from becoming California.

As a life-long Idaho conservative, no one wants to preserve our traditional Idaho lifestyle more than I do. To ensure we Keep Idaho IDAHO, we need state leaders who focus on the challenges of managing our population growth while maintaining the Idaho values and individual freedoms we all enjoy. This requires leaders who understand balancing low tax rates while still providing quality public education, safe communities, and the infrastructure to support our growing population. These same leaders incentivize our medical community to live and work in Idaho. These same leaders provide a framework for our youth to succeed in work and life.

A faction of the Idaho Republican party, led by the Idaho Freedom Foundation, focuses on national “hot button” issues and uses a confrontational politics playbook designed to intimidate and strike fear. These conflict entrepreneurs often present out-of-state solutions for a problem that doesn’t exist in Idaho, while also centralizing control at the state level versus decision making at the local level.

In my four years as your state senator, I prioritized the well-being of Idaho citizens, not national influences. Let’s keep Idaho peaceful and maintain the respectful way of life that Idahoans have enjoyed for generations.

Let’s Keep Idaho IDAHO!

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