Jim’s vote on HB500 wise, not “woke”

Jim Woodward
Jim Woodward

I have been seeing a lot of criticism of Jim Woodward regarding his “no” vote on HB 500 back in 2020. Like that was a bad thing. No matter how you feel about trans rights, HB 500 is a poorly written law and even the Idaho Attorney General thought HB 500 was ‚Äúconstitutionally problematic‚ÄĚ before it was passed.

Not surprising to anyone with common sense, HB 500 was challenged in court shortly after being signed into law, and has been blocked on constitutional grounds at both the District and Appeals court levels.

Passing bills that are almost certainly going to open the State of Idaho to expensive lawsuits that are only going to make ACLU lawyers rich isn’t conservative. It’s stupid.

Passing HB 500 didn’t even do what it was intended to do, unless it was intended to shovel your tax dollars into ACLU coffers. What does seem like common, fiscally conservative sense would be voting against such a bill. A vote against HB 500 would actually protect the citizens of Idaho from paying the inevitable legal fees of liberal lawyers. That is what Jim Woodward did, and protecting Idaho is what I trust Jim Woodward to continue to do if elected.

James Knobbs