Enough with innuendo

Jon VanGesen
Jon VanGesen

In response to Mary Ollie’s recent letter, “Numbers do not statistics make,” a statement is made that out-of-state contributions to Mr. Stolley are less than four-percent and Mr. VanGesen’s are 27-percent. Such an “out of the blue” statement would seem to suggest some nefarious goings on.

While percentages are interesting, so are raw numbers.

Mr. VanGesen’s out-of-state contributions total $1,101 whereas Mr. Stolley’s total $1,085.70. So rather equal I’d say in that regard. Further, if one is to be an informed voter, perhaps one should check with the candidate directly. It turns out that of the six total out-of-state contributors to Mr. VanGesen, one is a family member and the other five are former colleagues. Including a retired sheriff.

Mr. Stolley shows four out of state donations. One from an individual for less than $100 and three from “Boundary Educational Services Int.” Out of Wyoming. (Curiously those three contributions total $1,480. More than the total reported on the front page.). My understanding is that donations are supposed to be limited to $1,000 per election.

I have not contacted Mr. Stolley directly but I also do not suspect any foul play on his or his campaign’s behalf.

I only respond here as Ms. Ollie’s intent seems to be to disparage one particular candidate. Ms. Ollie should know better. Voters can verify all this themselves at sunshine.voteidaho.gov and by reaching out to the candidates directly.

Enough with innuendo.

Mark Quinn
Moyie Springs