Expect delays at McArthur Lake beginning Monday

McArthur Lake ProjectAs of April the bridge abutments and pier, which serve as foundations for the bridge itself, are nearing completion on US Highway 95 near McArthur Lake. Once these are finished the next step in construction of the two-span bridge will be placement of the steel girders, which are support beams that span between the abutments and the center pier and support the concrete driving surface above.

A total of eight steel girders will be placed, four at each span. The girders measure approximately 150 feet long, weigh approximately 69,000 pounds each, and will require the use of a large crane to lift and set them into place.

Starting on Monday, April 22, crews will begin the process of placing these beams which will require intermittent lane reductions and closures on US Highway 95 allowing a safe space for workers and drivers alike.

The crane will be positioned near the inside lane of the shoofly where girders will be delivered, and then utilize the boom to pick the beams from the trucks and swing them into place. During the time that steel girders are being picked and guided through the air, traffic will be temporarily blocked in both directions.

To help prepare local commuters for upcoming traffic impacts, electronic signs near the work zone will be updated to provide specific date and time information for these closures.

The most significant delays are anticipated on April 24 and April 29 while girders are actively being picked and placed.

Drivers should pay attention to local signage and use the Idaho 511 system for updates.

Work is scheduled to only occur during daytime hours and weekend closures are not anticipated at this time. This work is expected to last for approximately two weeks.