Woodward serves all constituents, not narrow few

Jim Woodward
Jim Woodward

As residents of the Bonners Ferry community, we have known Jim Woodward, his wife Brenda, and their respective families for decades. Jim and Brenda are exemplary individuals in their personal and public lives. Jim is currently running to recapture his seat as Idaho State Senator for Legislative District 1.

While in the State Legislature, Jim served on the Joint Finance and Appropriations committee which sets budgets for all state agencies, on the Senate Education Committee which makes policy for the state K12 and higher education systems, and also as the Vice-Chair of the Transportation Committee. These assignments are key to the well-being of of our community and every other community in the state.

During his time in office, Jim also served as Chairman of the Idaho Council on Indian Affairs, on the Leadership in Nuclear Engineering Commission, on the Natural Resources Interim Committee, on the Property Tax Study Committee, and on the Cybersecurity Task Force, among other assignments.

His focus was to solve the problems facing the residents of Idaho in their daily lives. He read every bill up for consideration, researched information about its content, and made sure it was sound and would not incur unintended consequences on his constituents. He then sought feedback from his constituents before deciding how he would vote. He made his decisions based on what would best serve the needs of District 1 citizens.

Jim genuinely cares about the quality of life of all residents of District 1, not just those whose narrow political focus works to diminish the number who can participate in a free election, as we experienced in the recent move to a Caucus rather than a Primary election in the Presidential race.

Apathy about voting in the primary election can have disastrous results, as we saw in the 2022 election cycle. Make it a priority to vote in the Primary election on May 21. Whether voting absentee, early, or in person, join us and vote for Jim Woodward. Return him to the Idaho State Senate where he served us so well.

David and Brenda Walter
Bonners Ferry

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  1. These are all logical reasons for supporting Jim Woodward from two highly respected citizens of
    Boundary County.

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