Idaho absentee ballot tracking now online

A new feature on the Idaho Secretary of State’s elections website allows users to track the status of absentee ballots statewide (as of close of business Wednesday, 25,121 absentee ballots have been issued, 3,638, or 14–percent have been returned and 70-percent of the ballots issued have been Republican.

Results can be broken down by congressional district, legislative district or county by county. In Boundary County, 425 absentee ballots have been issued and 109, 25.6-percent; have been returned.

In my precinct, North Bonners Ferry, for instance, 78 voters requested an absentee ballot, those ballots were mailed out and 17, 21.8-percent, have been returned.

Mine is in the mail

If answers to questions over the trustworthiness of absentee voting and the larger question of trustworthy elections are wanted, Idaho is fortunate that Secretary of State Phil McGrane welcomes such openness and transparency.

The Idaho absentee ballot tracking portal can be found here.