Woodward listens

Jim Woodward
Jim Woodward

When I met Jim Woodward, I asked him why I should vote for him. After all, he is an Idaho conservative. He told me he would “listen to me.”

I visited Senator Herndon at the capital where he essentially dismissed my midwifery education, he’d read about birthing, delivering his last four children without a midwife. He was lucky but not interested in hearing that – have a meeting to go to!

As a midwife for 40 years, I’m aware of the fine line in delivering safe healthcare. Jim Woodward – in true conservative style – voted for this legislation. After listening to women (and men) in his district he acknowledges the unintended consequences of this legislation. He wants to repair, and restore evidence-based women’s healthcare in North Idaho.

Bottom line: Jim is willing to listen and attend any event where he can hear from his constituents. When he disagrees with them, he is respectfully present.

Jim Woodward will have my vote this May. His message is “Moms Matter, May Matters.”

Moms do matter, and Jim Woodward understands the need to welcome medical providers into women’s healthcare, not legislators.

Cynthia Dalsing
MSN, CNM Retired

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