Supports Schuman for sheriff

Dave Schuman
Dave Schuman

I am writing to express our support for Dave Schuman, who is running for sheriff in our county.

Constitutional Commitment: Dave Schuman understands the paramount importance of upholding constitutional principles. His unwavering dedication to preserving individual rights while maintaining public safety is commendable. We need a Sheriff who not only respects the Constitution but also ensures that our community’s rights are safeguarded.

Community-Oriented Approach: Having worked closely with various agencies, Dave Schuman has developed a deep understanding of our county’s unique needs. His commitment to community policing, engagement, and collaboration is evident.

Fiscal Responsibility: In these challenging times, responsible financial management is crucial. Dave Schuman recognizes this value. As sheriff, he will allocate resources effectively, prioritize essential services, and maintain transparency in budgetary matters.

Experience and Preparedness: With an impressive 24 and a half years of service in the Boundary County Sheriff’s Department, Dave Schuman brings invaluable experience. He has witnessed firsthand the impact of natural disasters in our county. His preparedness and ability to handle crisis situations are assets we cannot overlook.

Action Plan for Safety and Information: Dave Schuman has outlined a clear vision for our county’s safety. His collaborative approach with other agencies and effective action plans are reassuring. We need a sheriff who can address emergencies promptly and keep our residents informed.

In summary, Dave Schuman’s extensive experience within our local Sheriff’s Department is a significant advantage. His familiarity with procedures and operations ensures a seamless transition, eliminating any learning curve.

Scott & Debra Henderson
Bonners Ferry