Sauter represents Boundary County

Mark Sauter
Mark Sauter

Mark Sauter has been our Representative for the past two years and has proven that he truly represents us. In Boundary County, he visits often and is well known and respected by our businesses, our schools, and our local government. He is very active in meeting with all types of people so that he can do a better job in Boise.

For those who know him, he is a solid, sincere, decent, conservative man. He is an excellent listener, reliable, and is not intimated by the vocal far-right legislators.

Mark has two opponents in the May primary — both who have professed their allegiance to the Idaho Freedom Foundation (IFF), which represents the far-right religious fanatics. His opponents will vote with the IFF and willfully ignore the concerns of most Boundary County constituents. Mark’s opponents are not familiar with Boundary County and have made very little effort to know our county.

Vote for the only person who will represent Boundary County — Vote to re-elect Mark Sauter.

Kennon McClintock
Moyie Springs, Idaho

6 thoughts on “Sauter represents Boundary County

  1. Thank you for the information. When someone says “Far Right’ and “Religious Fanatics”, I know the speaker is either a closeted Democrat or a Rino.

  2. Sauter is a Downey California guy with a nice smile but lacks conservative values that many have in North Idaho. mark hasn’t responded a single time when I have questions about legislation or policy. Vote him out.

  3. Mark has turned out to be an excellent Representative. How would you vote him out?
    Neither of his opponents is worthy of support.

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