Colby takes it all in bowling league week 31

By Dolores Sweet

Regina Colby took it all in week 31 of Tuesday’ Trouble ladies league bowling at Liberty Lanes; high scratch game 179, high scratch series 461, high handicap game 262 and high handicap series 680. Carolyn McNeill got second high scratch game 165 and second high handicap game 238. Alice VanGundy got third high scratch game 160 and second high scratch series 426.

Donna Kent got third high scratch series 413, Donna Lunsford got third high handicap game 236, Kathy Scott got second high handicap series 652 and Evelyn Smith got third high handicap series 642.

Rawhide; Carolyn McNeill, Donna Kent and Dolores Sweet, got high scratch game 416, second high scratch series 1,130, second high handicap game 667 and second high handicap series 1,883. Monk; Evelyn Smith, Bonnie Grove and Regina Colby, got second high scratch game 415, third high scratch series 1,111, high handicap game 684 and high handicap series 1,918. Gunsmoke; Alice VanGundy, Donna Lunsford and Jeanne Osborn, got third high scratch game 413. Psych ;Marie Sumpter, Denise Crichton and Sheila Benson) got high scratch series 461, third high handicap game 649 and third high handicap series 1,850.

Kathy Konek, Alice VanGundy, Evelyn Smith, Regina Colby each bowled a double and Kathy Scott got two. Carolyn McNeill and Alice VanGundy picked up the 3-10 split, Donna Kent took down the 4-5-7 and Denise Crichton got the 5-6-10.