Vote for integrity and honesty May 21 … vote Jim Woodward

Jim Woodward
Jim Woodward

It’s about time the voting citizens of Boundary and Bonner County wise up to the disinformation, misrepresentation and outright lies being spread by flashy mailers about a political opponent. Obviously conservative Jim Woodward was maligned by such dirty tricks in 2022 and it continues in 2024.

In his previous term, Jim was one of the most conservative and thorough Senators to study bills and legislation and fellow legislators consulted him on the consequences on proposed bills. Each was evaluated on how it would affect the people of his district and the state. We now have a Senator who relies on funding and information from the far right (example; Idaho Freedom Foundation etc.) sources to guide his energy and support.

If you take the time to study past voting records of Woodward and Herndon, you will easily see who respects the majority of his district. But most of us will not take the time to do so and we rely on other sources, many times biased and untrue.

I do not want someone representing me in Boise whom I cannot trust to be honest and truthful at home. Vote for integrity and honesty on May21. Vote for Jim Woodward for senator!

Dave Wattenbarger
Bonners Ferry