April a record month for 9B.News

9.B.News has logged 5,440,319 hits from 57,930 unique visitors so far in 2024, with a record 1.7-million plus hits coming in April, well over the previous high month of 1.3-million hits in March.

In 2023, the busiest month was March, with 1,125,847 hits from 15,313 unique visitors, March was one of only three months to break a million hits last year.

So far in 2024, the slowest month has been February, with 1,112,577 hits by 10,070 unique visitors.

In April, an average of 2,129 unique visitors viewed an averaged of 9,384 pages, accounting for an average of 57,741 hits per day for a total of 1,732,245 hits.

“I am grateful for the readers, contributors and advertisers who make what I do with 9B.News possible,” said publisher and reporter Mike Weland, who has covered Boundary County news since 1991. “In an emergency, timely and accurate news and information is essential, and at present, even with the proliferation of local news sites and social media pages, 9B.News is the only dependable source of real-time local news, as it happens.”