People asked to stay clear of search area

Boundary County Search and Dive Rescue Team (BCSDRT) is currently leading a search for two twin 9-year-old girls who went missing some time early this morning in the area of LaBrosse Hill Road in Bonners Ferry.

The girls are approximately 4-foot-5-inches tall, Caucasian, with blonde hair. One girl is believed to be wearing a large pink shirt with pajama pants with Minnie Mouse bows. The girls are wearing sneakers, one colored orange-pink-black and the other colored pink-black.

Searchers estimate the sisters left their home some time between midnight and 5:50 this morning.

Searchers are currently concentrating their efforts around El Paso Street, where the girls’ bicycles were found this morning.

The Incident Commander has requested the public stay away from the search area to avoid confusing the search dogs and inadvertently destroying tracks and signs.

Searchers include trained volunteers from BCSDRT, Boundary County Sheriff’s Office, Bonners Ferry Police Department, Kootenai Tribal Police, Paradise Valley Fire District and South Boundary Fire District.