What’s not a Republican? Dorothy Moon

By Mike Weland

In her latest fantastical flight of delusional fancy, Idaho GOP chairwoman Dorothy Moon complains that it is as easy to become a Republican as checking a box. Yes, Dorothy, yes it is, and in our constitutional republic whose history you sing of so proudly while swinging the sledge to knock down the underpinnings of its foundation, it well should be. But who among us but the radicals who have now nearly effected it would have expected a hostile takeover?

Even though she somehow attained the office of chair, Dorothy Moon is no more a Republican than Donald J. Trump, the many elected members of theĀ  Frolicking Freedom Coalitions that proliferate these days or the “conservative” MAGA cult that votes them to office of public trust.

You all now check the box as Republican, but with ill intention well thought out. And how brightly your true colors now shine — they are those of the radical parties and organizations long marginalized, never successful. The Libertarians, Constitution Party, John Birch Society et al. You couldn’t gain standing on merit, so you snuck in on subterfuge.

And now that you have gained a little trust, which you construe as power, you want to shut the door to all but the like minded, even as you continue to give lip service to the inalienable rights you seek to strip from all you perceive as not quite your equals.

You sing the praises of the Lincoln Republicans of the mid-1800s yet eschew the liberal causes for which they stood. You demonize the Democrats as evil who today embrace the liberal ideals Lincoln advocated.

“For 170 years, the Republican Party has stood firm on the words of the Declaration of Independence, the foundation for the greatest and most free nation in history. Today, unchecked progressivism once again makes a mockery of those words. The Idaho Republican Party will never stop fighting for faith, family, and freedom. If you believe in those values, then we welcome you to the fight.”

I believe in those values, Dorothy, honestly. But I honestly and sincerely distrust you and those like you. You are not Republicans, nor are you patriots.