Voting for VanGesen, Lowmawn

Jon VanGesenI am supporting Jon VanGesen for Sheriff of Boundary County, and Chuck Lowman for District 1B. Each brings work experience for the jobs.

Jon VanGesen brings many years of experience in law enforcement which his opponents don’t. He strongly supports better wages for deputies, improvement in training and communication upgrades. He brings a deep understanding and caring for our children. Jon is aware of the growth in our area and with it the problems drugs will bring. He is dedicated to the youth and people of our area.

I also support Chuck Lowman, who is a Veteran of Iraq and Afghanistan and spent nine months on the DMZ in Korea. He served the spiritual needs of our Soldiers, Sailors, and Airmen as an Army Chaplain for over 10 years. He supports students and teachers, especially in our rural areas. He supports the needs of veterans, law enforcement, loggers, farmers and ranchers and accessibility to our public lands for all Idahoans. He and his family are very active in their church and Chuck has done research and land management activities for Idaho Fish and Game after studying Wildlife Management at the University of Idaho.

Liz Benage
Bonners Ferry