6 thoughts on “PRIMARY ELECTION RESULTS 2024

  1. Mike, thanks for posting the election results. The only change I would request might be to include the final totals for candidates who run in a race involving more than just Boundary County, such as the Woodward vs. Herndon battle. I do appreciate your efforts.

    1. Thank you, Jack! Bonner County had less than half the precincts in when I went to bed; ran a recap with totals just minutes ago!

  2. It’s crazy how the absentee voters always seem to align so closely with the wishes of the old boys establishment here. Every election since I moved here, it’s been that way. They’re really fortunate that they have such a loyal bloc of voters.

    1. why the concern….its just people who like or need to vote early. Many like myself go right down to the courthouse and vote in person early. They require proper ID and you fill out the ballot right there. Some have difficulty or cant get there on voting day. The best outcomes happen when as many people as possible participate in democracy. The people here who run our elections are as honest and dedicated to fair elections as they come. We are all truly fortunate for that. Thank you for being concerned…I hope that these thoughts help.

    2. My husband and I are both handicapped. We have needed to Vote Absentee for years. But what you suggest is very interesting! It does seem that these elections always do favor the RINO & Good Ole Boys Establishments up here. Most everyone we voted for lost! So, I’d say that at least 2 Absentee Voters up here are NOT part of that loyal bloc of the GOB’s & RINO voters! I also wonder… Maybe some Absentee ballots get “accidently” tossed into the “circular file” if they don’t align with Establishment choices? Just a thought.

      1. Anyone can go to the Secretary of State’s website to see if their early/absentee ballot was accepted. Numbers are recorded and who votes is recorded. Ballots don’t get “tossed into the circular file.” Differences in voting patterns between absentee/early voters and those who go on election day simply reflect the fact that these are self selected samples. Self selected samples do not necessarily reflect the population. The conspiracy minded thinking that revolves around voting is just that and is intentional as if things don’t go your way – blame someone or something. That’s why the politics of grievance continues to exist.

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