You without sin, cast the first stone

By Mike Weland

Misha Davis
Misha Davis

Got yet another email last night alerting me to the fact that “Michelle Nevarez AKA Jamisha Nevarez, Misha Naumann, Misha Davis. Uses 9B News Article as ID. – YouTube.” I did see that video and I thank all the many who brought it to my attention. Made me so mad to see an individual so egregiously misuse my hard work for a purpose for which it was clearly not intended, I increased her subscription rate 8.793-percent.

If that don’t teach her, nothing will. And before you laugh, all ya’ll who ever put one of my print articles at the bottom of your birdcage … Your rate is going up 9.342-percent.

But wait …

“This is Misha Davis, the executive director of our senior citizen center,” MP wrote. “Should she be in charge of anything?”

Well, yes. And the question itself is superfluous … She was hired by the Seniors Center board which would, I surmise, mean that she is in charge of something … to wit, the Bonners Ferry Seniors Center. And call me silly, but to date she appears to be doing a pretty fair job of it.

But “This woman is a dangerous sociopath that has tried to ruin the lives of many people to include ex husbands, boyfriends, friends and employers. There are speculations that she actually had something to do with the death of one ex husband who died of mysterious circumstances while she was actively stalking and terrorizing him.

“She has accused multiple employers of sexual harassment upon being terminated, and most have settled out of court. This has been the primary source of her income. However there are many cases that actually went to court and this information was all over the internet prior to being scrubbed by a company ‘Misha hired to improve her online reputation. She has changed her name multiple times to avoid being identified due to her extensive record of being a calculating liar and fraud. She has even made claims against arresting officers, accusing them of sexual harassment at the time of the arrest. Luckily most wear body cams now.

“She is a pathological liar that makes outlandish claims to distract from legitimate accusations made against her and will stop at nothing to destroy employers or lovers that have decided to part ways. She’s had many restraining orders filed against her over the last 20 years and is now trying to act like she’s hiding due to being in a witness protection program, which is laughable.”

Well why didn’t you say so?! Had I known that, I’d have demanded at least a 16.73-percent subscription rate increase … My goodness! What sort of animal would I be were I to ignore such innuendo? Such convincing hyperbole? Who needs evidence when you have hearsay?

Boy, that Misha whatever her name is … did you see that YouTube video? Did you hear her language? Atrocious! And why didn’t she just listen to the officer?

I met Misha Davis for the first time a few weeks ago. Could she be the evil woman she’s depicted to be? Of course she could. Could I be the evil potty mouth useless scum living off the government dole and abusing the system as Kirk Dixon and Mark Moseley assert on the premier local news page Boundary.News? Why, I suppose I could, what with two such fine Christians declaring it to be so. I’ll throw three hail Mary’s, eat a cracker and jump off the bridge next week.

But before you send Misha to be inquisited or whatever it is the devout proclaim apt and right to do with such vermin as we these days, I’d remind everyone that despite all the allegations brought to my attention, I’ve not yet seen a shred of convincing proof. I’ve yet to hear from anyone she’s allegedly victimized. I noticed at the end of the video that she drove away, which would be a fairly solid indication that she has no outstanding wants or warrants.

It is good to be forewarned of potentially dangerous people in our neighborhoods. The State of Idaho has deemed that those convicted of many types of sex offence are likely to reoffend and so pose a danger. After conviction in such cases, Idaho judges will order those convicted to register as sex offenders and report annually; the Idaho State Police maintains the list on a public website with photo and address. As a news publisher, I try to publish the updated Boundary County list each year.

But the website comes with a warning, “Anyone who uses any information on this website to injure, harass, or for any other unlawful purpose may be subject to criminal prosecution or civil liability.”

Misha Davis was born and raised in Bonners Ferry. Like her or not, trust her or not, this is her home.

There was a small town in Massachusetts not all that long ago whose townsfolk, now described as “fractious” and “quarrelsome,” noticed some odd goings on. In February, the new preacher’s daughter, 9, and niece, 11, began having fits, throwing things, screaming uncontrollably, complaining of being poked with pins, pinched by fingers unseen. A local doctor could find no malady besetting them. Ere long, several other town girls were exhibiting similar symptoms.

A guest preacher came to preach, and his sermon was disrupted several times by the afflicted young girls.

It wasn’t long before they had it figured out. It was old Sarah Good, dirt poor and prone to yelling at brat kids to get off her lawn rather than to properly explain to them the concept of private property rights. Worse yet, she wasn’t prone to attending church regularly. It was her doing, sure.

On July 19, 1692, Good and four other convicted witches were hanged. Following the last ensuing trial in May, 1693, 200 people had been accused and, after trials took into account such evidence as the shape of moles and birthmarks, 30 were found guilty, 19 were hanged, one died under question after refusing to confess and five died in jail.

Boy, didn’t the people of Salem ever feel silly after that little fiasco?

The Commonwealth of Massachusetts wasted no time in denouncing the Salem Witch Hunts, with Governor Jane Swift declaring every last witch executed innocent on October 31.

October 31, 2001. A mere 300 or so years later.

Might Misha Davis be guilty of the accusations and allegations? Possibly. But she has been entrusted to a position of authority by the board of a facility of importance to the community that is apparently in the midst of a crisis not of her creation and her work there to date appears to show that she knows what she’s doing and she’s doing it with the board’s full knowledge.

She does not appear to have law enforcement looking for her and as best I can tell, she has one ticket outstanding in the City of Bonners Ferry and plenty of time to tend to it.

“If you feel slighted or confused by the behavior of others,” I read somewhere once, “give them the benefit of the doubt, for ‘love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things.’”

It strikes me as sound advice.

Lest either Misha or I are those things of which we are accused, I beg you, stay wary and keep a close eye peeled so that if we cross the line of propriety and break the law we be held accountable under the law. But please don’t try and convict us in the court of public opinion on the basis of speculation, rumor and innuendo … it’s not the Christian thing to do, it’s not what residents of the Friendliest Town in Idaho do and I, for one, would sure hate for any of ya’ll to come off looking silly.

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  1. “Worse yet, she wasn’t prone to attending church regularly. It was her doing, sure.” That was then and we in this town have the SAME thing going on … Pointing fingers and playing find out if she is a witch.

  2. 15+ years later and it appears nothing has changed with this woman.. it’s really unfortunate.
    I hope one day she can straighten her life out.

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