Davis terminated from Seniors Center, jailed

Misha Davis
Misha Davis

Details are scant but according to witnesses, the Bonners Ferry Seniors Center Board voted today to dismiss Misha Davis as chief executive officer after a brief but tumultuous tenure that began April 1. No reason was given for her termination.

She was also trespassed from the VFW premises, which includes the Seniors Center, but she allegedly refused to leave and was taken into custody at about 2:30 p.m. on charges of trespassing and resisting arrest.

Linda Lederhos, who has been volunteering at the center, has agreed to stay on temporarily to keep the Seniors Center operating until a new CEO can be hired.

2 thoughts on “Davis terminated from Seniors Center, jailed

  1. She went against the good ol’ boys club….she was set up twice. You think she would have known better after being raised in this town. I hope this comment doesn’t get me kicked out of my mouse and vermin infested senior apartment that they run……

  2. I believe I was the initial one to bring this venomous woman to light, never met anyone with so much hate and the amazingly crazy part is the amount of effort she put into moving in for the kill after the initial first of strike. She came at me from every direction so hard and fast it was smothering. Thanks again for all the support and love and overall camaraderie everyone from this community showed me. My problems with her were overwhelming and people I have never met came forward and basically took everything into their own hands and showered me with so much love and support. Thank you one and all.

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