‘A Love So Bold;’ original poem may usher in new section

A love so bold
And so pure
It shook the world.

In anguish He bore
The sins of man
And after death
He was raised again.

The love of God
In Christ His Son
For those like me
Who have so much need
For a Savior to live
And a Savior to die
To bear my sins
And then rise to new life.

Oh! Our life of death!
What shall we do?
Believe in the Lord Jesus
And you shall be made new!

Love lives there
In Jesus’ hands
Pierced for the sins of man.

Isaac Gorman
Bonners Ferry

Publisher’s note: Isaac Gorman is the young man I write about in the article, “Last week tough, but it had bright moments.” 

He submitted this original poem as a letter to the editor, which is not the proper section for such work. I’m instead running it as a news item as there isn’t an alternative … yet. Isaac’s poem may turn out to be the premier entry in an entirely new section, tentatively titled “Your Voice,” an outlet for all the creative writers in our Boundary County communities; poets, short story writers, essayists … even novelists, whose works could be serialized.

Travelogues, letters to or from home — the only criteria are that the author has to have ties to Boundary County, Idaho, the writing be suitable for a family audience and that the writing be original.

If you have an entry to submit, email it and attach any art you’d like to accompany it to mike@9b.news … if I get enough, you’ll have a new section to read soon!



2 thoughts on “‘A Love So Bold;’ original poem may usher in new section

  1. Hi Mike,

    The idea of a “Your Voice” section sounds intriguing. I’m a part of a small creative writing group here in Bonners and the thought of sharing some of what I’ve written is very enticing.

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