Betrayed by the weak


By Mike Weland

Today, there is no lower court in the United States of America than its highest court. The U.S. Supreme Court of Donald J. Trump has upended the rule of law, negated the separation of powers, ended the constitution and opened the door to a fascist dictatorship.

Mark and enjoy the 248th anniversary of this nation’s independence Thursday for today our independence, our freedom and our liberty have been ceded.

Mark July 1, 2024, as the new day in our history that will live in infamy, the day our constitution was ignobly laid aside.

It is the day our high court decreed that not all men are created equal, that striving to form a more perfect union is futile and that the principals upon which our nation was founded are meaningless.

We have been betrayed from within by the weak entrusted with power, cowed by the weakest among them.