Official notice of GOP caucus


GOP Caucus

This serves as official notice that the Idaho Republican Presidential Nominating Caucus will be on Saturday, March 2. The caucuses will be held at locations in every county across the state of Idaho, doors will open at 11 a.m. PST. Please be in line for check-in before 12:30 p.m. PST in order to participate. In Boundary County, the caucus site will be Boundary County Middle School.

Six candidates have filed their declaration of candidacy with the Idaho Republican Party for the Presidential Caucus. Three are still running:
• Ryan L. Binkley
• Nikki Haley
• Donald J. Trump

Three have withdrawn but will still appear on the caucus ballot:
• Chris Christie
• Vivek Ramaswamy
• Ron DeSantis

The March 2 Idaho Presidential Caucus moves Idaho into the early stages of the Republican Presidential nominating fight — allowing Idaho Republicans to vote early in the nation and before Super Tuesday.

Please visit for more information about your local caucus, and to find your caucus location. You should have received a postcard which designates your caucus location. Please bring your postcard to the caucus with you to help facilitate a quicker check-in, however the postcard is not necessary to vote. Only a photo ID is required. Please attend the caucus to cast your ballot and determine which candidate will take Idaho’s 32 delegates to the Republican National Convention this summer.