Woodward for Idaho Senate

The upcoming Republican primary election on May 21 is an important one for Idahoans, because whoever wins the race for the senate seat will be on the ballot in the November general election and will most likely win the seat. Up here in District 1 (Bonner and Boundary Counties), Jim Woodward is seeking to take back the senate seat from Scott Herndon.

Jim held this position in the senate from 2018-2022, and served on the Education and Finance committees. During that time, he was productive and worked well with others. When elected in 2018, Jim was endorsed by retiring Shawn Keough, the longest serving female Republican senator in Idaho’s history.

A lifelong Bonner & Boundary County citizen, Jim is a Navy veteran, a business owner, and is civically active on Boards in the community. Jim was supportive and in attendance at meetings here in Priest River, during our recent struggles to preserve our public school system at West Bonner School District 83. Jim understands that a strong public school system is vital to creating a healthy environment for the youth in our community.

Please join me in voting for Jim Woodward for Idaho Senate in District 1.

Alice Booth
Priest River

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    1. Where is the propaganda? Alice Booth simply stated obvious reasons for supporting Jim Woodward.

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