Don’t get fooled – send Jim back to Boise

Jim Woodward
Jim Woodward

There’s an old saying: “You can fool ALL people SOME of the time—you can fool SOME people ALL the time … but you can’t fool ALL the people ALL the time!” I don’t like to admit it, but I’ve been fooled, and it’s not a disgrace to be misled—we are all deceived occasionally. The problem is if we fall for the scam a second time.

Here’s what I know—and do not know. I do not know Scott Herndon personally. I have known Jim Woodward personally for years. When Jim Woodward was unseated as our Legislative District #1 State Senator in the 2022 Republican Primary, I do know that many of the glossy postcards sent out by his opponent were filled with misleading innuendos and un-truths. I do not know, as a fact, that many intelligent voters were misled by this barrage of misleading advertising – but I suspect that is probably what happened.

Whenever we see candidates using name-calling and deceptive advertising – that is the time to be wary.

I have known Jim Woodward since he was in BF High School with my two sons-—and have known his Mother almost that long. I know Jim to be trustworthy, highly intelligent, fiscally astute, honest, hard-working for Idaho voters—and having transparent integrity and strong family values.

Jim graduated University of Idaho, served over 20 years in the Navy (nuclear submarine), served four productive years as our State Senator (important committees: Education, Finance & Transportation). Jim is a good financial manager, owns a Sandpoint construction company — and currently serving many years on Northern Lights Electric Co-op Board (with no rate increases last six years, keeping our rates 25% lower than rest of nation.)

Jim has continued his dedication to improving our area with his free, volunteer labor/ big equipment donations to demolish old bleachers at BF High School. In January, Jim attended a BF Town Hall Meeting, advocating for continuing support of our Reestorium for elderly residents.

So, investigate for yourself—talk to Jim’s neighbors in Sagle—or customers of his business—or respected present and past Conservative Republican leaders like Shawn Keough—or members of the Northern Lights Co-op—or teachers and public school officials—or librarians—find people who know Jim personally.

Then remember to vote in the Republican Primary on May 21 to return Jim Woodward to Boise as State Senator, to work hard for Idaho citizens, not for special interests. Don’t be fooled.

Jo Len Everhart
Bonners Ferry