Museum abustle with fourth graders for Idaho Day

Museum Idaho Day art
Fourth graders livened up the Boundary County Museum for Idaho Day and left behind a wall of amazing art as testament to all they learned.

The Boundary County Museum began three days filled with hustle, bustle, and the energy that comes with fourth graders March 4. Working in groups, peering closely across tables, they searched their map for the Cardinal and Intermediate directions using a compass rose, the Boise Meridian, sections, townships, borders, and scale. They calculated distance from the Museum to their school using strings and counting sections on a Boundary County Map.

Mapping Idaho, the theme of this year’s Idaho Day, was narrowed to Mapping Boundary County for this lesson activity providing the students an opportunity to learn about their own county. Thanks to the U.S. Forest Service, Bonners Ferry Ranger Station, table-sized maps and pencils were provided so teams of students could visualize what our county looks like, while following the lesson plan to locate rivers, mountains, lakes, towns and places.

Thanks to the Idaho State Historical Society, information was made available on Idaho’s First Surveyor General, Lafayette Cartee. The map he drew from his first survey of the territory of Idaho, as part of his Report to Commissioner of the General Land Office, in 1873, was part of the information ISHS provided.

On display were numerous other types of maps: recreation, road, tourist, topographical, and relief exposing the students to a variety of different use maps. From these resources and the lesson booklet activities, students were asked to choose a place they could find on the map where they have been or a local activity they enjoy, and draw a picture representing that place or activity. These works of art are on display, forming the shape of Boundary County, and will remain on the wall in the Museum’s Portrait Hall until late May.

As students were finishing their projects, each was served an Idaho cookie sporting a star in the panhandle representing Bonners Ferry, before boarding their bus to return to school. This is the ninth year Idaho Day has been a part of the educational program at the Museum.

Thanks to the museum staff and all the volunteers who make these special programs possible.