Deeply concerned for future of Idaho

By Jim Pierce
North Idaho Republicans

Jim PierceAs an enthusiastic outdoorsman and proud fourth-generation Idahoan, I’ve always cherished the freedom and natural beauty of our beloved state. However, recent developments within our local Republican Central Committee (KCRCC) have left me deeply concerned about the future of our community and the values we hold dear.

The division and controversy now affecting our party reflect a broader struggle happening across the nation, threatening the very principles that make Kootenai County and Idaho great.

As a conservative who values our rugged landscapes and strong spirit of freedom, I’m not one to sit idly by as negative forces disrupt our Republican family. It’s time to speak up once more.

Reflecting on concerns I voiced in a column back in 2017, it’s evident that what was a hypothetical then has become our stark reality now. A faction within our party, often aligned with far-right ideologies and originating from outside of Idaho, has taken control of our platform and agenda, steering us away from our traditional Republican roots. This ideological shift has come at a high cost, endangering our local institutions, and embroiling dedicated volunteers in unnecessary legal battles.

At the core of this issue lies a fundamental misunderstanding of the role of the precinct central committee. Instead of uniting behind our GOP-primary-winning candidates and fostering cooperation behind the scenes, there has been a coordinated effort by the committee to redefine Republicanism, often at the expense of traditional conservative Republican thought and support.

To clarify, precinct committeemen are not “representatives” but rather workers for the party. Our legislators, commissioners, congressmen, etc., are the actual representatives elected by the people.

When we vote for precinct workers, we are voting for volunteers who should support our GOP-primary-winning candidates. Precinct Committeemen are not selected to dictate who we can vote for, nor how our office holders should act once in office. It’s the people’s responsibility to hold elected officials accountable, as designed by the Founding Fathers.

By redefining the party’s role, a radical faction has positioned themselves between voters and elected officials, aiming to choose candidates and influence (control) voting behavior. These moves aim to diminish YOUR power as a voter and strengthen their control.

In 2017, I believed that the era of “Boss Tweed-style” backroom politics was over. Yet, in 2024, I see that assumption was wrong. The Soviet-style, Party-purity control over elected officials is alive and well. That control is enabled by the preponderance of Precinct Committeemen that are complicit with that approach. But we can reverse this challenge. We should elect Precinct Committeemen based on their commitment to our shared values, not an adherence to fringe agendas or loyalty oaths.

A list of candidates providing traditional leadership options for voters in nearly all precincts within this county is available at

President Ronald Reagan wisely remarked that someone who agrees with us 80-percent of the time is an ally, not an adversary. As supporters of liberty and champions of the Idaho way of life, we must prioritize what unites us over what divides us.

Looking ahead to the 2024 elections, we stand at a crossroads. We must decide whether to continue down a path of discord and exclusion or embrace an opportunity to return to our foundational values of unity and respect for differing perspectives within conservatism. Fortunately, this May almost every precinct in Kootenai County, including Brent Regan’s, will have a choice on the ballot for Precinct Committeeman.

You can easily request an absentee ballot at VoteIdaho.Gov. It takes just a couple of minutes to fill out.

For conservative, independent Idaho Republicans like me, nothing less than a return to our foundational principles will suffice. We must reclaim the soul of our party and forge a future defined by unity, respect, and unwavering dedication to the conservative principles that should be the foundation of the party. Start at the bottom of the ballot with the most important race this May 21st – Precinct Committeeman.