Bonners Ferry woman may not see again

Cynthia BondA Bonners Ferry mother of two is hospitalized in Spokane and facing the possibility of losing her sight. She and her family haven’t asked, but they could certainly use the love and support of their community.

Caregiver Cynthia Bond, who has a history of migraine headaches, began having dizzy spells and blurred that progressed rapidly. Her doctor sent her to Boundary Community Hospital, where a CAT scan revealed blood clots in her brain and behind her eyes. Her blood pressure was alarmingly high.

She was flown to Sacred Heart Medical Center, Spokane, on Monday, April 1, where here condition has worsened, suffering several small strokes, her cranial pressure skyrocketing.

Neurologists say she needs surgery, but her condition is so rare that the procedures to treat it are performed at a handful of hospitals, Seattle being the nearest. But the risks of flying her are great due to the changes in air pressure.

Doctors are working to determine how to proceed, to weigh all the unknowns, but the waiting carries a steep cost … it’s not known if she’ll ever see again, but the longer her condition persists, the worse the prognosis.

Her husband, Dylan, a delivery driver for U.S. Foods, and their children, age two and 11, are with her in Spokane, along with other family. Dylan ready to go to Seattle if that decision is made.

Myrtle McClean has set up a GoFundMe account for the family and is rallying community support. To learn more or to offer help, she can be contacted through a link on the GoFundMe page or by calling (208) 946-9533.

Publisher’s note: I’ve received notice that Cynthia will be flown to Seattle today.