Travis Stolley is the best candidate for sheriff

A phrase that captures the essence of Travis Stolley is: “it is not the age, it’s the mileage.” This strong man has a diversified resume that is a path to becoming our next Sheriff. Giving back to his country, Travis chose as his military career, and spent a nine-year term with the United States Marines.
The fortitude to remain in this branch demonstrates dedication, perseverance, and team building. A strong beginning to a career in law enforcement where he has experience in both the Sheriff’s office and City police where he also served as a detective.

I personally worked with Travis at the high school during the two years that he was the RSO for Boundary County School District. He was an effective role model for our students.

Travis has strong family ties to Boundary County. He was born and raised in Bonners Ferry, married a local woman, and returned after leaving the Marine Corp. Their children attend Boundary County schools and Travis works with youth in the wrestling program.

Travis has a strong understanding of the law and will apply his knowledge and leadership skills as Sheriff of our county. Travis Stolley will work for all the members of our community.

Laura Anderson
Bonners Ferry