Travis cares about the community

Travis Stolley
Travis Stolley

My name is Dale Anderson, and I am a retired police officer after roughly 29 years of service. I started my law enforcement career in the Salt Lake Valley in 1992 and moved to Las Vegas to work for the LVMPD in 1999. My wife and I retired in 2019 and moved to Boundary County that same year.

In early 2020, I decided to go back to work and was asked to consider working for the Bonners ferry Police Department, which I did, for just under a year. During my time with the BFPD, I had the pleasure of meeting Travis Stolley. I worked directly with Travis for a short period of time at the PD but was able to continue working with and around him until I re-retired in December of 2020.

I now own a small company and travel the country as a guest speaker, addressing acts of violence and proudly calling Boundary County home.
As I got to know Travis I was immediately impressed with his dedication to God, this community and his family. I have been around cops for almost 30 years, and I could easily see that Travis truly cared for and continues to genuinely care about this community.

Travis is a man of integrity, honor, compassion, vision, and dedication to this community.

My family and I wholeheartedly support Travis Stolley for the position of Sheriff of Boundary County. While working for the BFPD. I was able to get to know all the officers with the PD as well as all the deputies with the sheriff’s office. Having that said, I have had experience working with Travis as well as another candidate for the position of Sheriff.

Knowing, working with and around Travis and the other (deputy) candidate, the decision to support Travis for the position of Sheriff of Boundary County is an easy one, without question. I truly believe that Travis can and will run the Sheriff’s office with true integrity.

Travis cares about the people in this community and will ensure that the Sheriff’s Office is working to its fullest potential serving the citizens of Boundary County. Travis will lead and motivate deputies to work with all local law enforcement, to enforce local and state criminal laws and, protecting the citizens and those visiting Boundary County.

Travis will guarantee to those booked into the jail, he will ensure their proper, respectful treatment from initial booking up and to any possible convictions. Travis will also ensure that the civil division as well as dispatch will continue to work to the best of their abilities and serve the residents of Boundary County to their fullest potential.

Dale Anderson
Bonners Ferry