Does Herndon think we’re stupid?

In his latest scare-mongering mailer among all the other misleading assertions, Scott Herndon equates voting to form a committee to study the question of issuing driver’s licenses to illegal immigrants, with failing “to secure Idaho against illegals.”

It seems like there are only two possibilities: either he thinks they are the same thing, which clearly they are not, or he thinks his voters are too stupid to tell the difference. Either way, is that who you want representing you in the Idaho Senate?

James Knobbs
Dover, Idaho

3 thoughts on “Does Herndon think we’re stupid?

  1. Granted the language on Mr Herndon’s flyer was simplistic, but it was not inaccurate. Why on earth would Mr Woodward want to form a committee to study the feasibility of issuing drivers licenses to illegal aliens? This is a draw for illegals to come to the state. Look no further than California to see what should not be done.

    1. In no way does Jim Woodward believe that illegal aliens should have driver’s licenses. Herndon is back to the same old lies that he employed two years ago.

  2. Don’t comment unless you are clear (or honest) about what you say. Large dairy farmers in south Idaho depend on green card employees for labor. Many have to drive for work. If there is an accident with a local resident, no license (or insurance) results in local residents suffering financially. The committee was to look for solutions to the problem. Smart wouldn’t you think?

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