Voters deserve to know candidates support constitution, party platform

By Dorothy Moon
IDGOP Chairwoman

Dorothy MoonEvery two years, the Idaho Republican Party asks primary candidates to sign the Integrity in Affiliation Form. This simply asks if candidates have read and support the Idaho State Constitution and the Idaho Republican Platform.

Sounds simple, but nothing is ever simple in today’s media and political environment.

Some, apparently troubled with the notion of supporting the Constitution and the Platform, call this a purity test or a tribunal. It’s nothing of the sort. This is an opportunity to share with the voters your position on the foundational documents of our party.

Voters deserve to know if a candidate supports the Constitution and the Platform, and if not, why? Maybe you don’t agree on everything. Maybe you disagree with Article I, Section 2, Point I of the Platform that calls for the repeal of the 16th Amendment to the Constitution. Maybe you think income taxes are great, in which case you can sign the form with the caveat that you disagree with that particular plank.

Maybe you don’t think something in the Platform goes far enough. That’s fine, just say so.

What is the Idaho Republican Platform, anyway? Was it handed down from Heaven, signed by Abraham Lincoln himself? Of course not. The Platform represents the political positions of the Republican grassroots. Every two years, delegates gather in a beautiful Idaho city to debate new planks for the platform. Changes or additions are first debated in the Platform Committee and then ratified by the Convention as a whole.

This tradition goes back to the beginning, when the first Republican National Convention was held in Philadelphia, PA. Those delegates created a platform that promoted the same ideals of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness that their (and our) ancestors had fought and died for. It called on Congress to ban slavery, calling it a relic of barbarism.

Today, the Idaho GOP Platform upholds the same timeless tenets of freedom and liberty. It calls for fiscal responsibility, low taxes, sound currency, state sovereignty, citizen involvement in government, and an absolute right for parents to choose how to educate their own children. It stands in support of agriculture, water, natural resources, and energy production, as well as the Idaho National Laboratory.

The Idaho GOP Platform recognizes the sanctity of the family, the innocence of children, and the right to life from conception. It supports the absolute right of self defense as enshrined in the 2nd Amendment to the US Constitution.

Our Platform is a statement of who we are and what we believe as Republicans. We have asked all candidates in the Republican primary to submit the Integrity in Affiliation Form, which we will publish soon. Voters will know who supports Republican values.

A loyalty oath is a loyalty oath, and our loyalty is to our constitutions

By Mike Weland

Mike WelandAnd here, in a nutshell, is what separates the liberty loving, freedom foundation radical faction and the true conservatism they claim drew them here. The MAGA GOP trusts what people say rather than what they do. The true conservatives trust deeds and action over words.

Never in a million years would a true lover of liberty and freedom, a true conservative, call on anyone to take a loyalty oath to a political party. of all things. We saw how well that worked in Germany a few years back. Here in the U.S., we don’t give our oath lightly and we’re only called upon to raise our right and take an oath when we serve our country in positions of public trust and we swear only to our national and state constitutions.

Only the Dorothy Moon Freedom Foundation folk could concoct such a thing as an Integrity in Affiliation Form, only they would kowtow to a self-appointed tribunal that tells them how, what and when to think.

Only they would not see their agenda for what it is; power to the party, party before people. It is fascism and it is inimical to the democratic republic established by the United States Constitution as well as those constitutions that established each of the several states, documents to which they claim fealty even as they do their best to destroy them.

In the United States, a political party is an organization of like-minded individuals who band together to promote their political ideals. A party does this by drafting and adopting a platform, preferably in open forum rather than in invitation only hush-hush meeting in a remote and isolated location. What Dorothy and her select few compatriots wrote and adopted wasn’t a state party platform, but the manifesto of its most radical sect, echoing the meaningless MAGA mantra of made-up issues and anti-woke sniveling.

Had a true party platform been developed, there might not be this great divide between the mainstream true conservative Republicans now called RINO by the unruly, do nothing radical misfits and there wouldn’t be a need for anything like an Integrity in Affiliation form, as they’d have a platform its members could get behind without need of coercion.

In order to make Moon’s forthcoming list useful, I would recommend RINOs not be browbeaten into signing such an abomination. Be courageous, just say no! At least then we’d have a handy reference who not to vote for in May.

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