Stolley understands unique local challenges

Travis Stolley
Travis Stolley

I am writing this letter wholeheartedly supporting Travis Stolley’s bid to be elected for the position of Sheriff in Boundary County, Idaho. Having known Travis from birth, I can confidently attest to his exceptional character, unwavering dedication and suitability for this esteemed role.

Born and raised in the community of Bonners Ferry, Travis Stolley possesses an innate understanding of the unique challenges and needs of its residents. His deep-rooted connection to the town and its people instills a sense of loyalty and commitment that is unmatched. Travis is also married and raising his two children, adding another level of intimate commitment and concern to his care of the community.

Throughout the years, I have witnessed firsthand Travis’s passion for the community and his relentless drive to make it a safer and more prosperous place for everyone.

Additionally, Travis’s previous law enforcement and military background further strengthens his qualifications for the role of Sheriff. Serving in law enforcement and the military demands discipline, resilience and the ability to work effectively under pressure. Travis has demonstrated these qualities throughout his career, which not only equipped him with valuable skills in leadership, problem-solving, and decision-making but also instilled in a profound sense of duty and honor.

What sets Travis apart is his exceptional ability to connect with people from all walks of life. His friendly and approachable demeanor, coupled with their empathetic nature, has established trustful and meaningful relationships within the community.

Furthermore, Travis possesses a keen sense of justice and integrity, which are vital qualities for a Sheriff. He has consistently exhibited fairness, impartiality and a strong moral compass throughout his life. I firmly believe that Travis’s unwavering commitment to upholding the law and ensuring public safety will make him an exceptional Sheriff for Bonners Ferry.

In conclusion, I wholeheartedly support Travis’s candidacy for Sheriff in Boundary County. His deep roots in the community, combined with a career in law enforcement, military experience, outstanding character, and genuine dedication, makes him an ideal candidate for this important role. I am confident that Travis will serve Boundary County with utmost professionalism, compassion, and effectiveness.

Merle Ansley
Bonners Ferry

4 thoughts on “Stolley understands unique local challenges

  1. I wish I could vote for Travis, but the antiquated, closed, primary in this state won’t allow me. I have to say, I’ve never lived in a state where the sheriff was a political position. Most places the Sheriff position is a non-partisan, non-political position (like judges), for obvious reasons.

    1. What is the obvious reason for not knowing the candidates party affiliation? Every state I have lived in, the Sheriffs Office was always partisan.

  2. The closed primary is here for a reason. Every other state I ever lived in, the position was partisan, so you knew what you were getting. For those that hate our system, please move and don’t bring what you left here.

  3. Sadly, we do not find this candidate to be as qualified as another. Being a long term resident is not qualification enough. Working on low level positions does not give administrative experience. There is also judgement and discernment that is not there. It concerns me when the voting population is not fully informed.

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