Deadline for REAL ID one year away

Star Card
Star Card — ITD graphic

The federal REAL ID deadline is May 7, 2025 – exactly one year from today. At that time, travelers will need a REAL ID-compliant driver’s license or identification card issued by the state, like an Idaho Star Card, or another acceptable form of identification to board a commercial flight. The Idaho Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV) is encouraging all Idahoans to plan to get a Star Card or other REAL ID.

“A year seems like a long time, but May 2025 will be here before we know it. Don’t wait until the last minute! We anticipate DMV offices could get very busy as that deadline starts to get closer,” encouraged DMV Administrator Lisa McClellan. “And if you’ve had a Star Card for a while, check the expiration date and make a plan to renew if needed. If your information is the same when you renew the new card will also be a Star Card”

Currently, approximately 49% of Idahoans have a Star Card.

“We are encouraged that nearly half of Idahoans have the Star Card, making them REAL ID-compliant a year ahead of the date when TSA will begin enforcing REAL ID requirements for travelers,” said Transportation Security Administration (TSA) Federal Security Director Andy Coose. “Please remember that TSA currently accepts multiple forms of photo identification from travelers as part of our identity verification process in the security checkpoint. Please take a few minutes today to ensure that you have a plan so that you are in compliance with identification requirements starting May 7, 2025, and beyond.”

“Although other approved documents, like a passport, can be used to board a plane or enter a federal facility after May 7, 2025, the Idaho Star Card is the most convenient, while at the same time providing adequate security for the traveling public. I encourage all Idahoans to apply for their Idaho Star Card soon, before the May 7 deadline approaches next year,” said Idaho Lieutenant Governor Scott Bedke.

To get a Star Card, applicants need one document proving their identity, one with their social security number, and two proving Idaho residency. The Idaho DMV has an online tool called “Add the Star.” It generates a custom list of documents to bring to a DMV to get a Star Card. Please note that some county DMV locations require appointments.

May 7, 2025, is the date federal officials will begin checking for compliant cards. The Idaho DMV will continue to offer Star Cards and non-Star Card licenses and ID cards after that date. If someone chooses not to get a Star Card, the standard Idaho driver’s license is still a valid document for all lawful driving purposes.