Jessie Schmitz making slow but sure progress after crash

By Jennifer Peconga

Jesse Schmitz and his Chevy Malibu
Jesse Schmitz and his Chevy Malibu

It’s been a little over a month and this is the update I have for my dad, Jessie Schmitz, who was in a terrible head-on car crash March 27 near Elmira. On April 8 he was discharged from the hospital and has been home taking those next steps to recovery.

He’s had two doctors appointments since then. One to see how his knee is doing since surgery and the other to check up on his aorta. The x-ray for his knee looked good, but he still can’t have any weight put on it. The only thing with his knee is whoever put his knee brace on had one side set at zero degrees, as it should be, and the other side set at 10 degrees.

The doctor said that was a pretty big mistake and could cause a limp when he’s allowed to start walking again, so he’s been stretching his leg out a couple times a day to hopefully prevent that limp.

Doctor said things with his aorta are looking good, and as long as he’s eating fine and doesn’t have abdominal pain, bleeding or bruising, he should be good for another two months. After that he’ll get a cat scan to see how all the internal injuries are doing. as well as another check up to make sure everything is healing as it should.

We will always be so blown away by everyone who has showed up in one way or another.

My dad is so well known and loved! From all the messages and 100s of people reaching out to ask about him to all of you who have stopped in at the house to visit and give him some company as well as those who have helped out financially.

But most importantly all the prayers that have been prayed. My dad is living proof that Jesus answers prayer and provides miracles! He has many long days ahead of him but he’s got so many of us cheering him on!

Thank you!

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