At last, the community can help Sue & Terry help the community

Terry Huggins
Terry Huggins on the road again

If you’ve driven Boundary County’s highways and byways much at all in the last several years, you have likely seen a blue Dodge Ram pulled well off the roadway. You may have seen it nearly anywhere; Highways 95, 2 or 1 … any number of county roads. Its load depends on the time of day. You may have spotted Terry Huggins, possibly with his wife, Sue. not far away, bright safety vests, even brighter ITD-approved Day-Glo orange trash bags in various states of fill, Terry pausing to straighten up, smile and wave if you tapped the horn to acknowledge his presence, your wave, perhaps, a wave of thanks.

Now, at last, folks have another, more meaningful way to express gratitude after it recently dawned on Leatha Lockhart, District Two, how much Terry and Sue invest in pick up the unceasing flow of litter that rains down from passing vehicles.

“I still can’t believe no one did this before and helped with fuel,” Leatha said. Wish we would have thought about it much earlier. He and Sue go through several pairs of boots each season, just walking the roadways, up and down the hills, getting litter. That is expensive to keep buying boots … and huge amounts of fuel.”

Terry began walking years ago after a health scare threatened to curtail his active lifestyle. As his stamina increased, he and Sue, who often accompanied him, began noticing all the trash, and they began picking it up as part of their walk. Before long, picking up roadside supplanted his health as a motive to go out and walk.

In 2020, Sheriff David Kramer presented Terry and Sue with medals and certificates honoring their work in picking up trash along over 1,000 miles or roadway in Boundary County, not only making the county more beautiful, but safer as well.

And the truckloads of trash they pick up isn’t just tossed in the landfill. Terry and Sue separate out every recyclable for proper distribution.

Leatha established the “Fuel Terry’s Effort to Keep Boundary County Clean,” fundraising campaign to help ease the burden on one amazing couple who’ve taken on the task quietly and with no fanfare, just doing what needs done for the community they both love dearly.

“Won’t you please join the community of Bonners Ferry and Boundary County and help keep the roadways we love clean of litter and trash?” Leatha asks. “Thank you, Terry and Sue, for all the work you do on behalf of the residents and visitors of this beautiful land.”

3 thoughts on “At last, the community can help Sue & Terry help the community

  1. Well said and amen!!! Thanks, Mike, for doing such a wonderful community outreach to help out with fuel and congrats. Really well done.
    Hope it works to provide more funds for their fuel and footwear, plus helps to make them feel a bit more appreciated in the county for all the incredible work they do, endlessly. Sue mentioned they need to have some work done on the truck but there haven’t been any extra funds for truck service. Hope this can change that situation for them as well. Well written and excellent article. Thanks for caring!

    Very grateful,

  2. I love what these people are doing! I pick up trash whenever I see it on my local roads because, as they say, Idaho is too great to litter! Happy to help support them. And Mike, thanks again for the work that you do informing the public about such useful information.

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