Herndon does not represent Boundary County residents

Jim Woodward
Jim Woodward

As a Boise resident who visits relatives in Boundary County throughout the year, I feel obligated to write to the good citizens of Boundary County regarding their current Senator in the Idaho Senate.

With the Primary election upcoming on May 21, I would expect a drove of Herndon mailers defaming his opponent to be finding their way to your mailbox. On my recent visit last week, I found this to be true, as Herndon has sent several mailers woefully attacking and defaming Jim Woodward. As a devout Christian Patriot, Herndon’s actions are contrary to the teaching of the Bible and profoundly hypocritical.

Demonizing an individual with blatant lies, especially for a Christian, is especially despicable. I would hope “real” Christians would re-think their support for such a misguided soul.

Don’t be fooled — Herndon’s mailers are all lies and deceit. He is good at what he does — telling lies, manipulating the truth and deceiving people.

Most people don’t know Herndon and never will. Herndon does not represent 95-percent of the people in Boundary County. Herndon is a pawn for the phony Idaho Freedom Foundation, a far-right radical group supported by wealthy out-of-state anti-government, religious fanatics. His allegiance and his votes are only for the IFF.

Herndon has no interest in your livelihoods, your health care, your schools — things that are important to the normal resident. My guess is that he knows almost nothing about Boundary County.

What has Herndon done for you over the past two years? Three achievements come to mind — 1) Herndon has forced hundreds of Idaho doctors to moved away from our state, 2) Herndon has now made it possible for a person to sue their local library, and 3) Herndon has made it permissible to take your guns to the Sandpoint Festival.

Most of what Herndon has accomplished over the past two years has had a negative effect on Boundary County residents. Herndon doesn’t work well with most legislators, who just ignore him and consider him a waste of time. Herndon, with his fascist mindset, has no ability to compromise nor govern, and his smug arrogance is highly unappealing.

Herndon is anti-Boundary County and I hope people come to see this.

What is good news is that past Senator Jim Woodward is running to unseat Herndon. Jim’s victory in this race would be a big boost for Boundary County and very beneficial for its residents.

Jim is a product of Boundary County. Jim well understands your community, fostered by his upbringing here. An honest, decent, hard-working man, he is genuine and truly cares about jobs, schools, health care, government accountability, etc. — issues that affect your lives and livelihoods. He is a smart conservative with good common sense. He works well with other legislators and always keeps your best interest in mind. He is always available to talk with residents and listen respectfully to your concerns.

Unlike slimy Herndon, Jim does not lie, manipulate, scam or cheat. Unlike Herndon the pawn, Jim has no allegiance to the vile IFF. Unlike hypocrite Herndon, Jim will represent all people in District 1.

Jim Woodward was an excellent Senator for four years, and if you elect him again, you will again truly be represented in Boise.

Albert Sullivan

11 thoughts on “Herndon does not represent Boundary County residents

  1. Everything that Albert says about Herndon is true.
    Hopefully Herndon supporters will listen to him and vote for Jim Woodward.

  2. Herndon actually does represent us very well .Mr Woodward is a RINO at best and just wants to regain power.

    1. Jim Woodward is not a RINO. He is running because he sees the damage that Herndon has done to Bonner and Boundary Counties and to all of Idaho.

  3. All sound very positive in the Herndon accomplishment to me. Gun rights are not subject to whims of politicians. What other Constitutional right do we day it depends on the circumstances? Herndon has been true to the right to life, not just a virtue signal of how much you dislike abortion but at the end of the day are really ok with it and its eugenics history. Jim never voted against a budget, meaning he never told the government to go back and cut out the fat. Jim is for the Idaho Launch program, giving away over 80 million to adults that have finished their k-12 education to provide training for big corporation that they used to fund, and at the same time our existing students learn in outdated and old buildings! That is corporate welfare and not taking care of what we have in order to buy votes. Herndon didnt have anything to do with Bonner County OBGYN closing, that was a business decision and if anything has a lot to do with the Medicare for All failure that voters passed before Herndon was even in office.

    Jim DID vote against the trans students being able to play in their pretend gender identity, he just did. His excuse ranges from “Local control” to ” it is in court costing too much money”. When you push back against the alphabet people they always try to go against common decency with lawsuits, and I Idaho will prevail in the law at the end. The facts from Herndon are not lies but the sad reality that the Left and Democrats dont want to hear.

    When Jim didnt win the primary last round, he threw a fit and supported Steve Johnson, a democrat currently running. How is that a conservative value? Lots of out of area money pouring into Jims account and those are not conservative Boundary county values.

  4. Jim Woodward does not throw fits. Like many Republicans he supported Steve Johnson because Herndon was such a poor candidate. If you read the letters of support for Jim they are mostly from long time residents. They understand Idaho values and they know that Jim stands for them. As a resident who has lived here for over four decades, I recognize the names of many of the locals. Your name is not familiar to me. If you recently arrived here you should not be questioning Jim’s Idaho values.

  5. I agree with Jim Cadnum. As a CA transplant myself, I was initially of the mindset that the locals weren’t the brightest of bulbs. But after 5 years I will admit that I was the one who was ignorant & naïve. My research over the past few months has shown me that Scott Herndon is very much like Donald Trump — both lie and manipulate the truth to the point it is pathological. I voted for both Trump and Herndon the first time but NEVER again for either of these disingenuous, non-Christian, non-Patriots. They both are excellent con-artists and prey upon the mental frailty of which a high percentage of the US population is afflicted. Herndon is a trouble maker and, in my opinion, is just trying to promote his own selfish agenda and add to more chaos. He is not helping Boundary County.
    Cadnum has written several editorials over the past few years and obviously is an intelligent guy who has been here a long time. Who am I (or any other newcomer) to question his obvious good intentions and concern for this/his county? I think Albert Sullivan’s letter is right on!

    1. Sir, which Presidential candidate will you be casting your vote for in November? You sound like an overeducated individual who looks down on working people. The coastal elite ruling class that despises working Americans. In other words, a Democrat.

  6. Good for you Thomas! Thank you for supporting Jim Woodward and for defending me. Mark Sauter is also worthy of support. He has been an exceptional Representative during his first term.

  7. Thomas, I just read the insulting message from MP.
    It appears that it was addressed to you because it is under your message. How can he call you a Democrat after you stated that you voted for Trump and Herndon last time?

    1. Sir, the massage was not insulting at all and it was for Mr Thomas Copelander, who evidently can’t vote for the Republican Presidential candidate. Read what the gentleman posted.

  8. I did read it. Just because he will not vote for Trump does not mean he is a Democrat. Many Republicans are fed up with Trump.

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