Mark Sauter has proven expertise

Mark Sauter
Mark Sauter

Here in the west, the threat of catastrophic fire is always looming. We saw the grim reality last summer when hundreds of homes were torched in a matter of hours just across the state line. That’s why we need Mark Sauter representing us in Boise.

You see, our fire fighting system is about to be upended. Sandpoint’s Fire Department is withdrawing from the longstanding operational agreement with Sagle and Westside Fire Districts. Not because the cooperative system wasn’t working; our local firefighters and experts agree that combining forces has streamlined operations and made our communities safer. It wasn’t money either; cost-sharing and eliminating redundancy has led to savings. Instead, it was abandoned because our State lacks the necessary legal framework.

To provide the most effective fire protection and enjoy the cost-sharing benefits of a unified force, we need a legislative fix. We need someone representing us in Boise who truly understands this issue.

Luckily, our incumbent State Representative, Mark Sauter, spent his career fighting fires. He has the expertise to solve this problem and his record proves that he’s capable of getting things done.

Please join me in voting for Mark Sauter for State Representative on May 21st.

Kyle Schreiber

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