A letter in support of Mark Sauter

Mark SauterThis year, the Idaho legislature passed a very important bill, H596a. This bill was for Prescription Benefit Management Reform. This bill will have a positive effect on almost every single person in Idaho who has prescription drug insurance. It also, may help keep your local pharmacy in business. In getting this bill passed, Mark Sauter, as well as all other legislator in North Idaho, was approached by me and other pharmacy professionals to encourage support of this legislation.

Mark responded to our efforts by meeting with key people in the pharmacy profession and asked good questions and clearly worked to understand the issue. Bottom line. Mark Sauter and Sage Dixon were the only two representatives in North Idaho to vote for this bill.

Shortly after the legislature session convened, I had the opportunity to attend a Townhall meeting organized by Mark. The entire meeting was spent reporting on current pieces of legislation, what was coming down the line and listening to citizen input. He has held more than one of these townhalls. He has sought input from citizens.

While Mark is a conservative, he exercises decision making that does not necessarily conform with labels. It was clear from my interaction with Mark and others who worked with him to get H596a passed, he wanted to pass prudent legislation that helped the citizens in Idaho.

We are well represented by Mark Sauter and we would be wise to return him to the legislator.

Patricia de Blaquiere Sudick
Priest River

One thought on “A letter in support of Mark Sauter

  1. As our current representative, you can always count on Mark Sauter to well represent the people of both Boundary and Bonner Counties. He will always make decisions that are in our best interest and he is not swayed by pressure from the phony religious fanatics/extremists. Mark has done an admirable job over the past two years and I hope people will vote for this good man on May 21st.

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