Three candidates — one choice

Travis Stolley
Travis Stolley

I am a longtime resident of Boundary County. This letter is about the three candidates running in the Republican primary for sheriff. There are three men — Dave Schuman, Jon VanGesen and Travis Stolley.

Schuman has been around for a while, and he seems like a decent guy, but I think he lacks the wherewithal to do the job effectively.

VanGesen is a newcomer to North Idaho. He has only lived here in Boundary County for two years. His investment in the life of the county has yet to be seen. He has only worked in Bonner County for the past four years, since leaving Kitsap County, Washington.

The 2015 incident reported in the Herald last November illustrates his unfitness for work here. His account of the incident that led to serious allegations against him is at odds with a bystander’s recording of the situation. The case against him was settled out of court for a jaw-dropping sum of $200,000 awarded to the plaintiff.

VanGesen’s glib dismissal of the settlement at taxpayers’ expense is disturbing, as is his failure to take responsibility for the situation. Hopefully, most of us residing here do not want that kind of mismanagement in our home county. We need people in charge who can de-escalate situations, not fan the flames, and cost us money and safety. He comes across as reckless and foolish.

Travis Stolley grew up here and works here in law enforcement. He and his wife raise their kids here — he knows us. He is committed and effective. I am voting for Travis Stolley and I hope you do, too.

Doug Kim-Brown
Bonners Ferry

One thought on “Three candidates — one choice

  1. Madam, obviously you know nothing about law enforcement. The settlement you speak of was issued at the height of the BLM movement. The county settled for a relatively low amount to prevent a biased jury ( Think OJ Simpson ), from awarding the plaintiff more money. I have seen this many times before in the large urban area I escaped from. Mr Stolley seems like a great fellow, but he has very little law enforcement experience and no administrative experience. Just growing up here is not enough in this day and age. Also you can’t always de-escalate a situation, a good example would be Uvalde Texas. I have no pony in this race and I am telling it as it is.

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