Woodward, Sauter, Lowman push socialist agenda

The National Education Association (NEA) is the largest labor union and one of the largest activist groups in the U.S. It promotes abortion, same sex marriage, gun control and the LBGT+ agenda. Children indoctrination is the target of the NEA agenda.

Jim Woodward, Mark Sauter and Chuck Lowman promote increased funding for public schools as does the National Education Association. Woodward voted along with 21 Democrats against Idaho’s fairness in women’s sports, claiming it “bad law.” This law, along with laws restricting sex altering surgery and Idaho’s refusal to alter birth certificates to men claiming to be women, all have been challenged in federal court by the socialist “transgender agenda.” A challenge by this agenda does not make “law bad.”

Mark Sauter, along with 11 Democrats, voted this year against HB 421 (passed into law), creating clear definitions of male and female. What is wrong with removing any possibility of ambiguity on a subject that is so fundamental to society and life?

The LBGT+ agenda does not represent Idaho values, local values or any values, those candidates supported by groups promoting such insanity should not be supported by our vote nor represent us.

Steve Tanner
Bonners Ferry

7 thoughts on “Woodward, Sauter, Lowman push socialist agenda

  1. I agree with you 100%. People really need to wake up and fact check their voting record. Pretty shameful if you ask me.
    Also… this LBGTQR+- Queer immoral influence needs to _________. (fill in the blank)

  2. “A challenge by this agenda does not make “law bad.””

    No, a law that is obviously unconstitutional, that even the Idaho Attorney General thought was constitutionally suspect, makes it “law bad.”

  3. Before insulting Jim and Mark, Steve should have asked each of them why he voted as he did.

  4. You belittle good people in your letter & blatantly distort the truth (or you don’t do your research). Mark Sauter, Jim Woodward are both solid people of undeniable character. You site their voting records as being immoral, thus they will not get your support this election.
    Can you vote for a scam artist who constantly lies, cheats, maligns, and manipulates the facts for his own personal gain. Being such a moral person, these character flaws would disallow you voting for such a person. So you won’t be voting for Scott Herndon — or Donald Trump. Or will you? Maybe your religion and/or conscience allows you to overlook these well-known indiscretions.
    The problem with being a religious MAGA person — it generally equates to also being a MEGA-hypocrite. It must be exhausting to follow everyone’s level of morality.

  5. If Steve Tanner is against Jim Woodward is he backing Scott Herndon? A dog shooting timber thief is unworthy of support from anyone.

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