Let’s keep Mark ‘Chuckwagon Guy’ in Boise

Mark Sauter
Mark Sauter

I was born here and I’ve volunteered for our community for over 20 years. As a Bonner County resident its part of the fabric of our area. I’ve also had a business here for over 30 years.

I’ve worked with Mark Sauter for years. He is known as the Chuckwagon guy in Sandpoint. Building it was his idea and he did it, raised the money for it as well. Over ten years later, he still drags it around and flips burgers in it. This is a great asset to the youth programs who use it. That’s dedication and leadership. He has never had his own kids in our schools, but he still contributes. That’s character.

Since Mark has been serving our district, he has been approachable here and while in the Capitol. I have met with him there to talk over the logging industry and found him to be a good listener and supportive. This year he supported a bill to increase the involvement of the Idaho Department of Lands management of federal ground. This bill will add to the jobs in the woods, improve fire safety and keep our mills humming.

Mark understands the timber business, in part, because he listens and he has a family forest plot. The Idaho Loggers support Mark.

I will be voting for Mark on May 21. We need to keep Mark as our representative.

Mose Dunkel