The future belongs to the brave; vote wisely

“It’s morning again in America.”

Forty years ago, Americans heard those words in a Ronald Reagan presidential campaign ad.

Forty years later and many Republican candidates are dishing up gloom and doom. Groomers are lurking for our children and grandchildren. The borders are wide open. Government is the enemy. Only those who have the requisite “freedom scores” are worthy of election.

This is about control. When people are afraid and angry, they don’t investigate the details and they are more willing to support legislation that centralizes control. Instead of working toward solutions, they are more willing to distrust their neighbor.

The alternative to the dark messaging is to be “Prouder, Stronger, Better.”

And we can be that by electing candidates who listen instead of lecture and who encourage ideas rather than spout dogma and IFF scores.

Mark Sauter, Chuck Lowman and Jim Woodward offer us that path. As the 40th President of the United States said, “The future doesn’t belong to the fainthearted; it belongs to the brave.”

The brave don’t follow in fear; they lead.

Mary Ollie
Bonners Ferry

One thought on “The future belongs to the brave; vote wisely

  1. Madam, Americans are not afraid or angry. We are concerned with the direction this nation is taking. 10 million illegal aliens, that we know of, have flooded into our country under the current administration . The current president stated he wanted to change the country and he is succeeding unfortunately. Mr Biden also stated “America will no longer be a White majority nation and that is not a bad thing”. When a nations population is being replaced, it should be a concern. Vote wisely.

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