Imagine if they were competent

By Mike Weland

Mike WelandOur nation’s great divide is no longer the Rockies, a majestic mountain range separating us east from west, but instead a dark and ignoble chasm founded on the delusion, unfounded mistrust and unmerited sense of entitlement of a large faction of our population too lazy to think for themselves and so inclined to parrot simple-minded lies, claim oppression and blame the folks checking their temperature to see if they’re okay.

They aren’t, and the depth of the MAGA psychosis has grown exponentially with each election since Donald Trump came down his ostentatious yet tawdry golden escalator in 2015 and usurped control of the Republican Party just as certainly as a cordyceps fungus zombifies and takes control of an ant.

And the effect grows with each election … the ardor, love and patriotism of the Libertarians, John Birchers and other fringe political elements called into the mainstream by the simple-minded words and vacuous promises of the Donald cannot be denied.

They join without question so as to stand ready to “Make America Great Again” and proclaim themselves the true Republicans, the real conservatives. The true warriors standing back and standing by, ready to serve as the strong right arm backing Donald Trump’s second term promise of serving himself rather than the Constitution he could once again be called upon to swear solemnly to preserve, protect and defend, his left hand on the Bible evangelists seem to think he fulfills, his right raised and ready to strike retribution, to avenge the sins against Donald.

And there’s but one election to go that matters, the general election in November.

Trump stands ready to win, to be a dictator for one day only, to build his wall and establish his Reich, deport the illegals en masse, rid the country of those immigrants poisoning the blood of our people, to sell the government to the highest bidder and be without question and without trying the greatest and most beloved dictator the citizens of the United States have been waiting for, as expressed decisively by those proud Americans who voted honestly and openly for him … as great a moment in our nation’s history as when Washington’s Continental Army took over the airports in 1775.

Or he could lose, in which case the election was again stolen and if you don’t fight like hell to restore me to the throne, we won’t have a country.

In reading the comments and reactions of the MAGA clan to articles and letters pertaining to the recent primary election, it is obvious they know this and after nearly a decade of indoctrination they are doing just what they’ve been programmed to do; blame the left while furtively cleaning, oiling and stockpiling rocks, sharpening their guns, polishing the canvas and loading their knives and powder into the breech … standing by, but with purpose, ready to answer Trump’s call, be it for insurrection or retribution.

Normal people … be they Democrat, Independent or RINOs, retain to themselves the right to read, to study, to think for themselves. Somehow they aren’t blustered or flustered by the bullshirt. Knowing what it looks and smells like, fresh or dry, they are able to avoid both the dung and the people peddling it.

They recognize such “lists of radical left donkey causes” as the one below, enunciated today in the letter, “Reasonable people have had enough,” for what they are; recitations of contrived, nonsensical and illogical “issues” concocted by the MAGA elites and Trump sycophants based on the indecipherable mumbles and rants of the most high his own self, now required rote MAGA memorization both to prove your loyalty and to prepare the initiates to effectively resist the application of constructive thought and basic logic with diversion, whataboutism and/or ad hominem attacks:

  • Climate change hoax, (Green Scam)
  • Men competing in women’s sports
  • DEI mandates at the expense of talent and competence
  • Drag queens grooming children with “storybook hours” (Wokism)
  • Open borders
  • Carjackings
  • Anti-Semitic demonstrations
  • Homeless encampments
  • Legalized use of hard drugs
  • Paying off Student loan debts with taxpayer dollars, as a bribe for their votes
  • Vaccine & mask mandates that don’t stop the spread of COVID
  • Lockdowns that incubate COVID and cause social skills to deteriorate

The assertions will grow more shrill and far-fetched the nearer we get to November, the logic more specious. The molehills have far surpassed the size of mountains and continue to grow without surcease, grievances based on hyperbole and outright lies by a cartoonishly flawed superhero exceptional only in his ability as a con artist will grow ever more outlandish.

I have little doubt but that conflict lies ahead, and that it will be instigated by or on behalf of Donald J. Trump. But I am bolstered by recognizing the sheer incompetence inherent in the MAGA movement, incompetence at every level of the Trump hierarchy.

Can you just imagine the horrific damage possible had “conservative leaders” such as Marjorie Taylor Greene, Ted Cruz, Josh Hawley, Jim Jordan, Matt Gaetz, Lauren Boebert, Paul Gosar and so many more had even the slightest modicum of competence? I shudder at the thought.