Restorium personnel honored by residents

Residents at the Boundary Community Restorium expressed their thanks to two members of a truly amazing staff, presenting a certificate of appreciation to maintenance supervisor Kevin Schnuerle, who will retire at the end of the month after the Restorium’s Annual BBQ, and, on behalf of the Friends of the Restorium, presented to Martha Fowler the Ray Olson Employee of the Month We Care Award for May, the first to be presented since Covid.

 Kevin Schnuerle (left) and Mike Weland
Kevin Schnuerle (left) and Mike Weland

Kevin is far more than the facility maintenance man, though he’s without equal in that role, anticipating tasks in an old building that will need done and seeing to them before they become critical and responding to wide and varied requests from residents, each one handled with a friendly smile and in a calm and confident manner that tames even the most dire crisis.

“For outstanding service as Restorium maintenance supervisor from June 8, 2022, until retirement June 30, 2024, and for unwavering dedication to those of us who call Boundary Community Restorium home,” his certificate reads.

Ray Stanley Olson and his wife, Hazel, were long-time residents of the Community Restorium, where they found a home filled with loving, caring people.

He stayed on after she passed, remaining active, planting the garden that produced fresh vegetables for the kitchen and beautiful flowers for residents and staff alike to enjoy.

Before his passing January 23, 2016, he established the “We Care” award to recognize the wonderful staff members who contribute so much to making the Community Restorium such a warm and welcoming home.

Martha Fowler (left), holding her shiny little stone!
Martha Fowler (left), holding her shiny little stone!

Sponsored by the Friends of the Restorium, the selection of each month’s honorees is left to the residents. Despite the consensus that choosing just one person from a staff that’s wholly deserving is a most difficult endeavor, they did finally settle on Martha, a personnel service assistant II and medications technician who began working at the Restorium with no intention of staying long on October 18, 2016. And it’s the simple little things she has a gift for noticing and doing, turning up a bed corner for those whose grip isn’t what it once was to situating things in a room  so they’ll be a little easier to access for this resident because of a physical limitation few notice because it’s so subtle.

“Selected for this award by the residents you serve with such dedication and compassion, your sunny disposition, ready smile and kind words, and your attention to the small things that mean such a great deal are sincerely appreciated by all who depend on you,” resident council president Mike Weland read before presenting her certificate, along with “this shiny little rock … now back to work!”

He had to call her back, so quick did she turn, and apologize for his piteous attempt at humor so he could present her with her real rewards; $50 from the Friends of the Restorium and a $30 gift certificate to the Kootenai Day Spa at the Kootenai River Inn and Casino.

And she kept the rock.

This year’s Community Restorium Annual BBQ and the chance to wish a happy retirement to Kevin at his final official public function takes place from 11 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. Sunday, June 30, at the Boundary County Community Restorium, 6619 Kaniksu Street, Bonners Ferry. Tickets are $10 adults, $5 kids 4 to 11 years old, and free for kids 3 and under. A family pass is $30.

Hosted by the Friends of the Restorium, all proceeds go to help improve the lives of Restorium residents. All are welcome to help bring the community back to the Community Restorium. Bring your instrument and make music, set up an easel and make art … bring your smile, your appetite and have fun!

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